It’s been a while since I last wrote a post on this site, nearly 18 months ago.  A lot has happened since then, with Foss Digital being an amazing success, but ultimately I missed the daily side of being in one agency.  The fantastic opportunity provided by Jake and Jessica at e3creative came up and I think it took me less than 24 hours to make a decision on taking the position as their Head of Search.  Also huge thanks to Becky at Forward Role Recruitment for the intro.

As its the start of a new year, I like to reflect on personal achievements and failures (its the former athlete in me) and be hypercritical of myself.  I’ve set myself some big goals to achieve across a number of different parts of working and personal life which isn’t necessarily for sharing but more as a way of focusing for the upcoming 12 months.

One of the goals I have set is to read more to help my continued development, I tend to read a lot of digital marketing blogs/websites and listen/watch podcasts and vlogs (which my team will attest to – pretty sure they have auto-rules set up for all the emails 🙂 )

So I put a tweet out to my network on Twitter asking for book suggestions

I tagged a number of people and have had some awesome responses so far, which means I know have a list of 26 books to work through, which is roughly 2.2 books per month (generation thing that Jek).

First response from Penny Langton

Then the legend that is Dan Barker 

and finally (so far) Rob Weatherhead who has recently set up Agent Wolf

This is definitely going to keep me busy and I think I’ll find a way of sharing my thoughts on the books as I read them.  I’ve curated all the selections into clickable links to purchase directly from Amazon should anyone reading the post become intrigued by the suggestions. (disclaimer – they are Amazon affiliate links).

Have an amazing rest of the Christmas break and wishing you all a fantastic New Year.