Local SEO Macclesfield

Like most businesses, it is important that people are able to find your business.  With changes in Local SEO it is important that your website and the signals associated with it allow you to be found.  With a shift in the way that users are using mobile devices as part of their purchase decisions, it can make a huge difference with the way you are found.

In Macclesfield for example, Local SEO for businesses produce results like shown below for the term ‘plumbers in Macclesfield” you can see the varied nature of the results which include Paid Search at the top and right hand side, followed by 3 organic listings, then a 7 pack of Local listings and ending with the remaining organic listings.

plumbers in macclesfield


Speak to Dan about putting together the optimum Local SEO strategy for your business and ensuring that your customers can find you and your business.