Social Media Consultancy

“You need to have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account to succeed these days”.

I wonder how many times a business has been told that by an agency that is pitching to them or by a keen member of the team that professes to ‘get’ Social Media.

It is correct to say that having a social media presence can be beneficial to your business but these is no magic recipe and every niche will be different, therefore requiring a social media strategy that is able to be measured and value can be attributed.

I see too many examples of businesses who have had a go at social media and you can see that they have either lost interest and given up, or more likely it has been poorly implemented and therefore presumably budget has been shifted elsewhere.

If a tree falls in a forest but nobody

It can be said that the image above could be said to be true about a lot of social media and how much reach does a tweet actually have or how many people see your Facebook post.

I can look at running an audit on any existing profiles you have, alongside then putting together a strategy for your business that is not only bespoke, but built to be successful and will be measurable in terms of its impact on your marketing spend.

There are many channels of social media that help you expand the reach of your brand/product or service including:

  • Facebook – Paid and Organic
  • Twitter – Paid and Organic
  • YouTube – Paid and Organic
  • LinkedIn – Paid and Organic
  • Instagram – Paid and Organic
  • Snapchat
  • Vine
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

I also offer Social Media training which could be useful for your team should you wish to help improve knowledge within our business and see an investment of this nature as the way forward.

Let your Social Media make your business stand out from the rest in Macclesfield and further afield.

Contact me today to discuss in further detail.