So you may have seen me tweeting and sharing posts around the #LoveYourNHS and #NHS4XmasNo1 so I thought it made a bit of sense to give more context around this.  For those who don’t know me, I work as Head of Search at Big Brand Ideas alongside many talented people.  Nick Entwistle who is one of our creative directors introduced us to the #LoveYourNHS campaign last week and asked us to support it in anyway we can.

There are a load of people striving to push this as a cause and the main people that you can get involved in are as follows :

Take a picture and tweet it to @oneminutebriefs saying “I Do” and using the #LoveYourNHS hashtag

example from Nick here along with his story

The aim is to create a music video which will include the selfies, so please share the message far and wide, as we want as many people involved as possible.

In a short space of time this has been the impact on the #LoveYourNHS hashtag in terms of numbers which is a great start



and we have already had Jessie Ware get involved which was an amazing start to the campaign, so thank you Jessie.

#IDO #LOVEYOURNHS #NHSSelfie @sbpt_fitness @rach__1 @frenchstanley

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More details coming soon at