So as many of you will know who read my Twitter, I recently went into the world of freelance consultancy for Digital Marketing. It is early days and I am learning a lot about how to make best use of the time I have and utilising my skill set to drive business.

I was doing my morning reading as I have always done for the last 6-7 years (highly recommend putting aside the first hour of your day to learn something new and absorb what is happening in your industry/the general world) and came across a newspaper story shared by a friend Chris which highlighted that this week (9th February to 16th February) it is Random Acts of Kindness week.

It got me thinking about what I could do and spurred on by a recent conversation with Jen about the #payitforward initiative I have decided to offer my services to local businesses as a way of a contribution to both movements.

I would ideally like to work with businesses in or around the Macclesfield area as this is something that I can do quite easily and quickly.

I am happy to come and work out of your offices and help with your digital marketing either from implementation, advisory or training capacity.

Do you know someone that you think would benefit from this, then please ask them to contact me below.

The only thing I would ask of anyone who gets involved, is that they participate in one or both of the initiatives to help spread some good.

Thanks for reading and read more on Twitter at #randomactsofkindness and #payitforward



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