This weekend I was lucky enough to attend a wedding at some very good friends of mine at Stanbrook Abbey in Worcester.  It was an amazing venue and great to catch up with some friends that I hadn’t seen in years.  When I originally received the invite I immediately looked at the venue but it was a tad pricey, so I decided to shop around and see what I could find.  I have used a few times for various trips away so that was my first choice to look at.  After I had sorted through a few hotels, I decided to sort through some apartments (@jackiehole always swears by them for value.)

I came across Pitmaston Apartments, which to be honest from the pictures looked too good to be true.  It was perfect in that it was less than 3 miles from the venue and seemed quite central to Worcester.  The apartment was based on the grounds of Pitmaston Primary School and appears to have been converted to a fantastic standard.  On the journey down I ended up taking a detour to help Darren (a wedding photographer in his spare time) finish off prepping for his wedding (he organised the lot without telling his bride anything – brave man !!!).  I hadn’t thought about check-in but when I called ahead they advised I didnt need to collect any keys and that two 4 digit codes was all I needed to gain access to apartment (very impressed at how easy this was).

Eventually I arrived at the apartments at 9.30pm after collecting some shopping from the local Co-op.  The apartment pictures on the website didn’t disappoint and you can see the size from the videos and picture below.

I would wholly recommend people to stay at Pitmaston Apartments if you are in Worcester, not only due to standard of apartments, but also based on accessibility and location.

You can book your stay here if you are looking.


Pitmaston Apartments


Pitmaston Apartments Review
Written by: Dan Bell
Pitmaston Apartments
Date published: 09/14/2015
4.5 / 5 stars