So we are finally into June, it seems like only yesterday that we were celebrating Christmas which is crazy.

Anyway, for those who have landed on this post and wondering what it is about and why – here is the definition for Scoliosis as defined in Google.

What is Scoliosis

I was diagnosed many years ago around the age of 12 having been on a family holiday to France with a family friend who was a doctor.  I was practicing diving into the pool and she noticed the curve in my back.  In a short space of time, I had been diagnosed and booked in for surgery which included the removal of 6 discs and having my spine fused with two titanium rods.  As an young athlete competing in sprint hurdles and due to start my GCSE’s in subjects including PE, it was quite a shock but after the operation (conveniently timed during the school holidays so I didn’t miss any school – thanks Mum and Dad) I was back to school quickly and after a tedious 12 months of no sport I was back to competing and pretty much picked up where I left off.

I mention that I have Scoliosis on my Twitter bio and have raised money for SAUK on a number of different occasions, but I don’t bang the drum about it because generally it hasn’t really impacted on my life.  I actually continued to compete all the way through university to a relatively good level in 110m and 400m hurdles.

Scoliosis Awarness Day

I am always happy to speak to people about it when they ask and always tend to win the “biggest scar” competition when it gets raised in the pub.  The way I look at it is that there are people out there with a lot worse going on in their lives and I was lucky to be in a position where I had great support from family and friends to get me through it.

No doubt I will be looking to do some sort of fundraising in the future (got a place in the Great North Run, so could well be that), so dig deep when I start pestering you.

Until then, you can find out more about #ScoliosisAwarenessMonth here, including Scoliosis Awareness Day on 28th June 2014.



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