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A few of you will have seen me mention it recently, but to say that I am extra excited about the Tour De France, especially the 3 stages in Yorkshire is a bit of an understatement.  Back in January I came across the following tweet which took my interest for two reasons – my interest in cycling, but also from a professional capacity in how successful a competition like this would be.

So I went away and did a bit of research on where I expected the route to be, had a look at some of the other entries to compare what I had come up with.  I found the examples that they provided on the images particularly useful, along with looking at previous years and stages that had been created.   I finally settled on the following and tweeted in my entry.

I pretty much forgot about the competition until I received a response to my original tweet letting me know that I had been the closest from all of the entries and therefore won the Tour De Yorkshire Twitter Competition prize.  I was amazed at actually how close I got and although I spent a bit of time researching, it was probably a huge combination of luck versus skill.


Overall, the variance on stage by stage basis was as follows:

Stage Stage route Guess Actual Variance
Stage 1 Bridlington to Scarborough 175 174 1
Stage 2 Selby to York 180 174 6
Stage 3 Wakefield to Leeds 165 167 -2

So all in all, its going to be an epic day out.  Tour De Yorkshire have been fantastic and are finalising the details for the day (I’m sure they have plenty to be planning in general), but I do know I will be in the back of one of the tour cars for one of the 3 stages, so keep an eye out for me.

I will take pictures and videos where possible and you can follow my journey on Twitter.


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